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Trusted Web Development Resources

We confidently recommend the following list of web development and design resources. Although they are not under contract nor affiliated with Search Results Pro in any way, we have had the pleasure of experiencing a side by side working relationship with each of these businesses on several occasions.

User Friendly Web Content

Hav.Software  (www.hav.com)

"Horace Vallas, founder of Hav.Software, is one of the most experienced" web, Java and neural net programmers in the business. Horace's career began in the corporate world with various projects involving intricate custom software development. At the height of his corporate career, he was supervising over 300 programmers in the development of some high-level and top-secret ventures. Horace left the corporate environment for private ventures and founded Hav Software. One of his first private consulting contracts involved internet TCP protocol when the term (Internet)' eluded the majority. Subsequently he participated in the conception of some of the very first websites in the early 1990's and later developed a java-based chat applet. He can be a great asset when putting together a web development team."

Search Engine Optimization  (www.searchplacementpros.com/)

Climb to the top of the search engines with our proven strategy that gets results.

SEO Expert   (www.seoglobalexpert.com)

SEO Global Expert specializes in website optimization, meta tags optimization, link building, SEO copywriting, directory and article submissions, Press release write ups and distribution.

Bookworm Computing  (Send Email to Troy)

"Troy Belding started Bookworm Computing as a network installation and consulting business in Houston, Texas in 1996. His committment to customers, hard work and willingness to take on new challenging tasks has grown Bookworm Computing to offer a bevy of professional services including network installation, network consulting, network engineering and server administration. If you have a puzzling question about networks or servers, Troy likely has the answer."

Tampa Design Group  (www.tampadesigngroup.com)

"Led by Jesus Forte, Tampa Design Group specializes in search engine friendly website design, email marketing, email campaigns, e-webies, as well as custom creations in Flash and Action Scripting. They also offer programming in PHP, and ASP.NET."

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