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Costs and Methods of Writing Visible Web Content


Analyzing web content
First Things First - The Analysis Phase - $495
  • Analyze Your Business and the Competitive Environment
    In order to develop a strategy that will best serve your needs, we consider the nature of your business, the web practices of your competitors and the parameters that target your customers. Our complex analyses lay the foundation for us to create theme-focused pages with keyword phrases that optimize the click-through rate from potential customers. A particular web page (home page excluded) should converge on one subject and not be over-stuffed with key word phrases. The cost for this analysis is our retainer fee ($495). The retainer fee covers both the analysis and the development of a customized strategic plan.
  • Client Business Analysis Questionnaire
    Prior to any fees being charged, we will request that you complete a client questionnaire providing the information needed to research and develop a plan.
  • Initial Consultation
    After submission of your client questionnaire, our professional consultant will contact you to discuss and better understand your needs. Once such understanding is reached, your consultant will advocate beginning our detailed web business analysis. You will then be asked to view our sign-up page and remit $250 as a deposit toward the $495 retainer fee.
  • Second Consultation for Strategic Suggestions
    At this point we will provide your webmaster with search-engine-friendly suggestions for optimal page titles, meta tags, keyword phrases and often helpful insight about html code structure. Implementation of these suggestions by your webmaster sets the stage for the success of your website, as well as enhancing our ability to employ best practices in content writing. The $245 balance of your retainer fee will be due and payable at the completion and presentation of the strategy developed for your needs. Please note that this fee covers our review, analysis and planning for up to 5 pages and their associated topics. An additional charge of $75 per page will be incurred for pages 6 and beyond. Pages greater than 800 words will incur an additional charge of 50 cents per word.

What's Next - The Content Phase - 35 cents per word
  • Develop a Workorder for Content Writing
    Content writing and/or editing of existing pages is charged at a rate of 35 cents per word with a $195 per page minimum. For websites consisting of just one page or just a home page, the minimum charge is $300. For pages that are edited vs. crafted from scratch, the charge will be based upon the final word count of the page. Thus, if the initial page is 2000 words and the final draft is 800, the charges will based on 800 words, not the intial 2000 words. You will be presented a content writing workorder for your acknowledgement and signature.
  • Write Content
    Exclusive content will be written to convey a desired theme to your potential customer. Content may be written for any topic and will either be freshly crafted from concepts provided by you or by search-engine-friendly modification of existing text.
  • Solicit Your Feedback
    After our first draft(s) of content, we will ask you to review and approve such draft(s).
  • New Content To Be Implemented (why is content so relevant?)
    Suggested content that is agreeable to you should then be implemented by your webmaster or web-design team.

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