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Content Is King -- Make It Unique and Relevant?

 We service our clients with quality content.

Importance of web-friendly content
Importance of Content and Popularity

Relevant content grooms your website for either success or failure. Expertly crafted web page text is the foundation for all successful search engine optimization - SEO. The right content and layout can decrease yearly expenditures for web or search engine marketing by a whopping 70%. WHY? - Because your site will earn priority search engine listings without paying for them.

We believe in utilizing proven best practices that foster a great user experience and improved website rankings in search results. There are many factors and variables utilized by search engines to determine the priority and order of their SERPS (search engine results positions). Search spiders continually change their parameters and what works best today may change tomorrow. One paradigm that never changes is the focus on relative content and the popularity of such. The value of content is proportional to the harmonious nature and proper mixing of uniqueness, relevance and popularity.
  • UNIQUENESS is established by offering copyrighted material not seen elsewhere.
  • POPULARITY is a factor of both the quality and number of links in to your site and the number of resulting visits.
  • RELEVANCE is validated when your customer finds what they searched for.

Why Choose Search Results Pro?

After an expert and thourough analysis, we will convey the theme of your business through use of unique and engaging content. The impact on ranking of search results inspired by the text will always be considered in the writing process.
  • Our clients benefit from our 15 years experience writing web friendly text. We have done this longer than anyone else. See some case histories here: Content Writing Testimonials.
  • Our Web Content Professional is a former executive, from one of the first companies to create a successful website.
  • By offering unique content you will help protect yourself from copyright infringement. Any content we write belongs to you and can be copyrighted by you.
  • Our services are not the least expensive, but our hands-on experience makes choosing us invaluable. We believe our diligence, expertise and history of success makes Search Results Pro the best choice for your web content writing needs.
  • We'd like the opportunity to earn your confidence.  Sign-up here!

What We Do Not Do

We are not web designers nor do we offer full scale SEO. This means that we do not actually access your server, implement html code, or provide continual reporting of search engine results comparing you to your competitors. Search Results Pro does not offer programming. However, we do review website html code and offer your web design team suggestions on how they might structure or tweak the code to be more search engine friendly.
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