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About Us

More accurately, I should title this page “About Me” because I am the founder and lone consultant at Search Results Pro. Due to some heart-related problems I’m winding down my career as an internet and website magnate. Alternatively, I’ve decided to spend my time helping others to achieve their goals and aspirations on the World Wide Web. My name is Dr. Brad Lustick and this is my story…..

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Dr Brad Lustick - Web Content Writer Throughout my career I’ve been involved in creativity and innovation for a wide variety of endeavors. As a chiropractor for over 25 years, I have had an interest in how work environments impact the health of my patients. I thus integrated many ergonomic innovations into patient treatment programs with great success. Subsequently, a career change induced by an auto accident led me to apply my ergonomic concerns to the world of business, whereby I began customizing ergonomic concepts and products to fit workers’ needs and tasks in the workplace. After being inspired by a book about the “Information Superhighway” and expending much perspiration, I ended up pioneering retail on the internet in 1994, with one of the first 100 internet businesses. The combined store/internet business specializing in back and body and ergonomic products was voted the first successful Houston-based business on the internet (1996), and ranked nationwide “Best in Class” by Yahoo in 1997. Subsequently in 1999, BackBeNimble.com was granted the 1999 Blue Chip Award from Metropolitan Life for being the most innovative new business in the state of Texas. We were also given kudos in Encyclopedia Britannica for our novel web presence during the infancy of the internet. More recently, I honed my school of hard knocks internet and website skills to become a high level search engine optimization consultant for a large, nationwide laser hair removal franchise operation. While under my direction, we took that company from search engine obscurity to a level of visibility unequalled by the competition.

Fifteen years of experience has given me a great understanding of the most practical methods for making web pages visible to target customers. I believe I can offer your company the same energy, creativity, visibility, and success that I have brought to the above described ventures and look forward to the opportunity to do just that.

See you at the top (of the search results of course).  Why Choose Us To Write Your Content?

Dr. Brad Lustick

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"Brad Lustick of Search Results Pro has the ability to take a complex set of Internet business requirements and manage the necessary search content optimization development from start to finish"...(more)

"After being inspired by a book about the Information Superhighway, I, Brad Lustick, founder of Search Results Pro, was a pioneer for retail on the internet"... (more)

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